This system can help you learn your second language of choice taking only minutes a day.

The Rocket Language system of learning is available for most languages. Check out the language that interests you!

Choose from these options:

Learn American Sign Language With Rocket Sign Language!

Learn Arabic With Rocket Arabic!

Learn Chinese With Rocket Chinese!

Learn English With Rocket English!

Learn French With Rocket French!

Learn German With Rocket German!

Learn Hindi With Rocket Hindi!

Learn Italian With Rocket Italian!

Learn Japanese With Rocket Japanese!

Learn Korean With Rocket Korean!

Learn Portuguese With Rocket Portuguese!

Learn Spanish With Rocket Spanish!

The American Accent Course: This course is for people who speak English as a second language. Learn how to lose your accent. While we all love hearing that unique accent, in the workforce having the training to remove your accent is proven to get you more money from employers, better job placements and you are able to gain in hospitality.  Then you can switch back to your accent at will.

Leaning a second language can make your resume stand out. If you are planning a trip abroad and would like to know the language you can learn it quickly and easily.